DIY Cosmetic Sells Empty Makeup Containers for Small Business and DIY Fanatics! Established 2004
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DIY PAK : Amy sells Lip Stick Tubes, Lip Gloss Tubes, Clam Shells, Pans, Embossing Plates, Compacts, Boxes, and Lipstick and Pencil Molds, Powder Presses and tools. Empty Makeup Containers for DIY Make Up enthusiasts. Amy also have an expanding  DIY Cosmetics recipes articles and information.

DIY Cosmetic Containers: Terri sells compacts, lipstick tubes, lip gloss tubes, pans and pencils for DIY.

Disclaimer: Neither of these companies are directly related to DIY Cosmetic LLC though they do sell many of our products. If you need to contact them please contact them directly. Contact details are on both their websites.



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