DIY Cosmetic Sells Empty Makeup Containers for Small Business and DIY Fanatics! Established 2004
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How Do I Place an Order?

Thank you for visiting my store and viewing my catalog.

Many of you have been customers for several years and some of you may be new to our store.

DIY Cosmetics sells make up containers by the CASE ONLY for the small business person or entrepreneur.

If you don't want a case smaller amounts may be purchased through DIYPAK of most all our items for sample and testing purposes. We do not break down cases.

Because we are a wholesaler and our customers are re-sellers, (either by breaking down our packaging and selling it or filling our containers for re-sale) we do not charge taxes.

If you want to order any of our items please do the following:

1. Register as a customer. This is a NEW SITE so all customers old and new will have to register. The purpose of the site is to offer a catalog and avenue for customers to get a quote for both products and shipping. The cart does not accept payments or give a shipping quote.

2. Add the items you want to the cart.

3. Go to checkout and leave any comments you would like to leave regarding shipping and payment.

4. Complete check out. (Payment will NOT be taken at checkout. ) 

International orders will all be shipped via Fedex, either Economy or Priority.

Most all Domestic Orders will be shipped via Fedex. The bulk of our customers select Fedex Ground. If you want faster than please let us know.

5. After you place your order generally within 24 yours you will receive an invoice from us with the shipping rate included. On that invoice there will be a link to pay either by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. At that time the order will be canceled in the cart. The reason being we will be charged a transaction fee by the merchant as though a payment was made. All your information will still be available in the cart including the tracking when your order has been sent.

If you want to pay by PayPal, please let me know and you will be send a link through PayPal for payment. Otherwise there is  a PAY NOW button on the invoice and you may pay either by Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer.

I have worked to streamline the process and make it easy for you along with suiting our accountant practices. 

Please contact me using the contact pop out link with any questions or suggestions.

Sincerely, Rebecca




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