DIY Cosmetic Sells Empty Makeup Containers for Small Business and DIY Fanatics! Established 2004
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About us

I founded my first raw material business in New Zealand in 1998, Aromatics & More Ltd. This was a larger business and I sold many different raw materials including several emulsifiers, surfactants, preservatives and so on. When I first opened DIY Cosmetics in 2004, my vision was of a  small Green Boutique with a particular focus in high end raw materials for making the most natural cosmetics possible that create the end results of similar products one might pay a small fortune for in cosmetic stores. I also wanted a store that sold packaging and ingredients for color cosmetics which were in small supply at that time. 

Over time as several other raw material companies popped up we re-focused our efforts and started supplying more makeup packaging and tools for colors cosmetics as that was where the consumer need lay. 

In 2014 our company had our first split and I opened JUST PIGMENTS with a partner and it allowed us to offer a larger range of pigments to our customers. 

January 1, 2016 DIY Cosmetics made another split and now sells bulk make-up packaging and tools ONLY. I can not split cases up. Doing this has allowed me to wind down a bit and "semi-retire!". Still I am keeping very busy but looking forward to some time when I can pursue my passion of making my own cosmetics and body care product and enjoying some new hobbies!

Smaller quantities of most my products may be purchased from: 

DIY PAK: Amy sells clamshells, molds, presses, embossing plates for pressed powder, empty containers, cosmetic bases, beautiful natural make-up to fill your containers and boxes for packaging our containers.

DIY Cosmetic Containers: Terri sells empty cosmetic packaging of all varieties, and some boxes and some tools.

My warehouse is located in Tucson, Arizona. Currently I am a one woman show and orders are filled on Tuesday and Thursdays only. 





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