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Instructions on Using the Cream to Powder Base

Make Cream to Powder with a Non Colored Base

How to Use our Cream to Powder Base


1. You will need just a few tools.  A small metal or stainless steel pot for melting the base, scoops for measuring your pigments, pans, a scale and of course the base.


 2. Weigh out the amount of base you want to use. Our 1/2 well pans hold about 7 grams of base and our 1/4 round pans hold between3- 4 grams. A full 59mm pan would hold about 12 grams.


3. You may add your pigment either before you melt the base of after. In this case I added it before. I used just a small scoop of a soft red oxide which is lighter than a traditional red. This base I am using is our Eyeshadow/Blush Base which has 5% Titanium and provide coverage and color. It has a less dry and powdery feel than our foundation base. If you want less coverage you could combine this with equal parts of the translucent base or use the translucent base and add just a small amount of titanium. You choose.

Note on color: It's really subjective to want you want. In general if you are using a pure pigment such as a lake or oxide you could use one to two  tiny scoops of pure pigment per 10 grams of base. If you are using Micas then you would want to start with one 1cc Scoop per 10 grams of base. For a deeper color with sparkle use both.


4. The base should be melted slowly over low heat. This is important. Do not let it boil. Put your container in a frying pan with a bit of water, not place it directly over the heat source.


5. Make sure your pigment is well dispersed through the base. I don't recommend using pigments pre-dispersed in Castor oil as this would not longer be an oil free product and it could change the consistency.


6. Pour your mixture into your compact, container or pan.


8. It will quickly solidify and then you are ready to put the pan into the container.


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