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How to Make a Gel

Make Gels and Crème Gels
We offer a very unique product called Naturajel™ (sclerotium gum). This product allows you to formulate gels like no other gel base can. It has been around for awhile and you will find it in many high end natural products. This ingredient is imported from France and made by the well renowned company Alban Muller. There are some replications now on the market but I have yet to try them to find out if they are of the standard of the Naturajel™.  Let me list just few of the unusual properties of this gel base and what sets it apart from other gums that are used for thickening.

1. It has a nice clear clarity and does not leave a powdery film on your skin.

2. It is not sticky. It has a beautiful soft feel on the skin and will soothe and smooth it.

3. Like the synthetic carbomer it can incorporate up to 20% oil. There is no other gel that you can mix oils into without separation. Unlike carbomer it is not pH sensitive and does not have to be neutralized.

4. It cannot be defined as an emulsifier as such but it has an exceptional capability to create a network around the oil particles. 

5. It is a 100% natural polysaccharide with exceptional thickening properties. Many of the more natural emulsifiers are tricky to stabilize and Naturajel™ is able to stabilize the most delicate formulas.

6. It is able to suspend non soluble elements such as glitters and micas for makeup and foundations.

7. It creates stable formulations with difficult ingredients such as AHA’s, essential oils, mineral salts, ethanol and anionic, cationic and amphoretic molecules. (Surfactants)

Instructions for making a Basic Gel

Naturajel™ can be used at levels as low as 0.5% to make a thin serum of as high as 2% to make a thick gel.  These are weight measurement NOT volume. In other words is you use it at a level of 2% to make 100 grams that is 98 grams of water and 2 grams of Naturajel™.

Gels: 0.8-1.2%
Thickening an emulsion 0.5-1.5%
Obtaining a sprayable suspension: 0.5%
Applications of extreme conditions: 1.0-2.0%

To make a Crème Gel or Gel with oil, mix your oils directly into your gel.

1 . Sprinkle the granules of Naturajel™ directly into the water at a temperature of 20°C or more.

Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before blending.

2 . Cover and shake until the granules completely dissolved or blend with an immerison stick blender. Don't forget to sterilize your lid if you are shaking it in a bottle.

3.  At the stage where Naturajel™ is completely dissolved (15 minutes with the stick blender or

45 minutes by hand), the other ingredients in the formula should be added (oily

phase, actives, etc.). It will then take 24 hours to obtain a stable viscosity.

The best mixing to use apparatus is one that will mix at the bottom of your container (stick blender type

It may take awhile to get it to the thick consistency that you want. The longer you mix the better the end product will be.

Basic Base is now ready to use. 

Oils may be mixed directly into your gel. I don't recommend using more than 10-15%.

Botanical Extracts: First dissolve them in Distilled water (about 0.5% of total) and then mix them directly into the gel.

Vitamins: Oil soluble vitamins may be mixed directly into the gel.

Micas and pigments may be mixed directly into the gel.

Exfoliates may be mixed directly into the gel.





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