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Pearlescent Pigment is formed with tiny mica flake as basal body, on which it is coated with metal oxide, such as TiO2(titanium), Fe2O3(Iron Oxide) , etc. The thickness of the coated layer is controlled strictly. Because of lower refractive index of mica flake and higher refractive index of TiO2,it will form pearlescent luster affected by light interference when the light irradiates upon the surface of pearlescent pigment.

By using different metal oxides and adjusting the thickness of coated layer, several series of pearlescent pigments with various color phases can be found.

Particle Size 15 µm or less = low luster, good hiding power
Particle Size 2-25 µm = silky luster and strong hiding powder
Particle Size 10-60 µm = pearl luster with medium hiding power
Particle Size 10-125 µm = shimmering luster and low hiding power
Particle Size 20-150 µm = sparkling luster and transparent
Particle Size 45-500 µm = glittering luster and very transparent

Particle Sizes over 150µm are NOT PERMITTED in cosmetics in the US. They may be used in craft projects, soap or body and hair care.

Our Samples are 1 rounded teaspoon.


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